About Us

National Home Health Care Corp., through its five subsidiaries, delivers the highest quality of homecare to address the practical, physical and emotional needs of its patients and their families.  The need for care in the home might be prompted by a variety of triggers including:

  • Recovery after a surgery
  • Rehabilitative therapy after an accident
  • Managing debilitating behavioral issues
  • The effects of aging that make activities of daily living hard to perform without assistance

Whether the need for help is short-term or chronic, NHHC addresses the issues that surface around homecare and provides insight, information and assistance to help patients and their families navigate through unfamiliar territory with ease and confidence.  Whether the help required is therapeutic, rehabilitative, cognitive/memory, or just help managing the day-to-day demands of life, NHHC has the right resources that can be tailored to satisfy your needs.

NHHC draws on best practices across five subsidiary companies in four states to deliver an unmatched level of homecare.  Real-world experience from thousands of patients verify that the organization’s attention to every element of care makes a profound, positive impact on those receiving assistance in the home and their families.  This comprehensive approach, coupled with the company’s commitment to the most rigorous level of training for all staff, including nurses, social workers, therapists and healthcare aides, distinguishes NHHC from competitors and facilitates unsurpassed outcomes in recovery, healing, comfort and care.

NHHC is headquartered in Scarsdale, New York and employs 7200 full- and part-time employees who perform the full gamut of health care services with the following NHHC subsidiaries throughout the Northeast:

  • Highly trained home health aides and personal care workers work from Allen Health Care Services (www.allenhealth.com) in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties,  Accredited Health Services (www.accreditedhs.com) in Northern New Jersey
  • Medical, behavioral health and pediatric skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapy, social work, paraprofessional and staffing services are offered by New England Home Care (www.newenglandhomecare.com)  throughout Connecticut and by Medical Resources (www.MRHHC.com) throughout Massachusetts.